What You Get

Solve key policy, compliance and legal issues while protecting students and your institution with The LGBTQIA+ Supportive Campus Binder & Digital Training Video. At the same time, build a campus experience that creates engagement, helps recruitment and leads to retention.

Here's What You Get – The Total Package:

  • 100+ page LGBTQIA+ Supportive Campus Binder which includes:
    • Policy Checklist, Language & Recommendations
    • Suggestions for Meeting LGBTQIA+ Student Needs
    • Term Chart & Glossary
    • Case Study Scenarios
    • Fact Sheets for Training
    • Resource List
    • And Much More!
  • Interactive, 20-minute Digital Training Video provided on an unlimited-use, password-protected website that includes:
    • Key Takeaways from the Binder
    • Self-Assessment Questions that Solidify the Learning Process
    • Certificate of Completion for Each User

Your critical takeaways from this innovative resource: developing policies and procedures to best support LGBTQIA+ students, while cutting through the shifting compliance landscape and avoiding legal missteps.

Take action today to put your institution in the position you want to be in — moving forward with policies and practices that ensure campus compliance, create supportive environments and meet the needs of the LGBTQIA+ campus community.

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